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We'll look after you the way you look after your employees.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans or ESOPs provide opportunities for business owners of privately held middle-market companies to structure immediate or staged exits over time, realizing tax advantages and participating in the continued success of the business.


  • Competitive Rates
  • Convenient Terms

Our highly-experienced ESOP Lending and Deposit Services Teams assist employee-owned or soon-to-be-employee-owned companies in all areas of their strategy. We offer a complete array of commercial lending solutions along with competitive earnings rates, returns, and treasury management services. Our experienced bankers provide guidance and solutions for ESOP transactions including:

  • Senior Debt financing for new ESOP formations
  • Raising Junior Capital for initial or secondary stock sales
  • Senior Debt financing for secondary stock sales
  • Refinance Junior Capital, Seller Financing, or Warrant Liability
  • Senior Bank financing for general corporate needs of ESOP companies including working capital, cap-ex, or M&A
  • Senior Debt financing for Repurchase Obligation and ESOP recapitalizations
  • Senior Debt financing to assist with ESOP terminations
  • Deposit and Cash Management services for employee-owned companies and ESOP Trusts
  • Introductions to ESOP professional advisors in all areas of the strategy


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