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Holistic Solutions for Cross-Border Business, Fast and Simple

Our International Banking solutions offer easy access for businesses and individuals to process your international transactions, seamlessly and efficiently, giving you the tools needed to navigate the global marketplace with confidence.

Pacific Premier Trade ConnectTM

Pacific Premier Trade ConnectTM is the Bank’s international payment portal—your solution for global fund transfers. Our platform will help to enhance, simplify, and streamline your payment operations.

Our platform is secure and simple to use with an intuitive dashboard and navigation in a single secure system, including:

  • Access to real-time exchange rates in all major currencies
  • Direct payment execution of spot and forward trades, as well as swaps and drawdowns
  • Timely confirmations
  • Management of multi-currency accounts and beneficiaries with bulk upload
  • Direct access to historical transactions and statements



Trade Solutions

Pacific Premier Bank’s wide range of trade solution products and services help our business clients streamline international payment processes, reduce associated risk, and attain working capital to maximize their international opportunities.

  • Import Letters of Credit – Helps importers reduce risk and negotiate a low price.
  • Export Letters of Credit – Reduces the risk of nonpayment, particularly when selling to a higher-risk situation or engaging in a new or high-risk relationship.
  • Documentary Collections – The Bank tracks payment and controls the flow of title documents (simple, fast, and less costly than Letters of Credit).
  • Standby Letters of Credit – Bid and Performance bonds and advance payment guarantees to optimize cash flow and ease the establishment of new business relationships.

Foreign Exchange Solutions

Pacific Premier Bank understands the intricacies of foreign exchange to help your business grow. No matter what currency you’re exchanging, we offer a wide array of tools and services to support your cross-border transactions.

  • Spot – Get the flexibility to promptly send cross-border commercial, capital, or personal payments via wire transfer within 2 business days.
  • Forward – Lock in an exchange rate today on payments and receivables you are expecting in the future.
  • Window Forward – Buy or sell a foreign currency at specified rate within a range of future dates.
  • Drafts – Make payments in a foreign currency drawn on a financial institution in that country.
  • Banknotes – Enjoy the convenience of using local currency when you travel abroad.


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Reduce the risk of unpredictable changes in foreign exchange rates by:

  • Protecting profit margins on international sales
  • Fixing the cost of future payments to foreign suppliers
  • Enhancing your ability to respond to foreign competition

We have the strength and performance to meet your business banking needs. Learn more by viewing the video below.