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Get money where it needs to go — quickly, accurately and efficiently.

An easy way to streamline and organize your accounts.

ACH is the electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. Optimize your cash flow and forecasting by tapping into the power of the Automated Clearing House (ACH). With ACH Credit Origination, you can make next day payments to vendors, establish recurring payments for payroll direct deposit, and set up dividend payments, interest payments and even Federal and State tax payments.

It's easy to set up your business to take full advantage of all the benefits of using ACH. We can show you how.


  • Eliminate trips to the bank
  • Reduce fraud from checks
  • Control timing of payments
  • Increase productivity in credit transaction processing

Same-Day ACH credit transactions became effective September 23, 2016. Most ACH payments process on the next business day. Under the new rule, any ACH credit can have same-day capability. Only international (IATs) and high-value transactions above $100,000 are not eligible. All Financial Institutions are required to receive and process same-day ACH credits.


Automated and Convenient Bill Payment

Make payments and stay on top of your finances with Bill Payment. Easily schedule one-time or recurring payments online in minutes from anywhere, anytime. Have the ability to control the date and time your payment is sent, so your bills are always paid on time. That’s one less thing to worry about. 


  • Simply manage and initiate one-time, future, and recurring payments
  • Make payments to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the U.S
  • Save time and money on postage cost from writing and mailing paper checks

Move funds quickly to another business, person, entity or recipient.

With Wire Transfers, small to large businesses can initiate same-day payments via Business eBanking through domestic and international channels securely and conveniently, with either one-time wires or by creating repetitive wire templates. International wires can also be sent in U.S. dollars or in the foreign currency of the recipient. You can easily make same-day wire transfer payments (domestic only) or schedule them for a future date.


  • Most domestic wire transfer funds are credited upon receipt and immediately available
  • Security measures including tokens, dual control, initiation, and approvals
  • Timely, detailed information reporting and notification alerts provide an added layer of convenience

Wire Transfers