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No one understands your business like you. And us.

With a robust suite of receivables services, we can help you boost profits and reduce accounting time.

  • Competitive Rates
  • Expedited Processes

It’s the simple and cost-effective payment solution.

ACH is the electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. With ACH Debit Origination, your business can easily automate and expedite the collection of your receivables, streamline your accounts and reduce your risk of fraud.

Collect with ACH Debits to generate recurring billings or collections from your customers for insurance premiums, mortgage or installment loan payments, rent or lease payments, membership dues and charitable contributions.

Same Day ACH FAQ


  • Control timing of payments
  • Increase productivity in debit transaction processing
  • Eliminate trips to the bank

Same-Day ACH Debits became effective September 15, 2017. Most ACH payments process on the next business day. Under the new rule, any ACH debit can have same-day capability. Only international (IATs) and high-value transactions above $25,000 are not eligible. All financial Institutions will be required to receive and process same-day ACH debits. We will continue to enhance our Same-day ACH capabilities and will provide more information as we get close to launching this premium service.


Protect your deposits. Mitigate risk. Save time.

If your business requires cash and deposit pickups, an armored cash vault is a safe and secure solution for the transport of your assets to our processing location. With Cash Vault Services, your currency and coin needs can be fulfilled easily through phone or via safe and secure website order deliveries.

Cash Vault Services are ideal for businesses that handle and order a lot of cash such as gas stations, laundromats, restaurants and more. Keep you and your employees safe and secure with Cash Vault Services.


  • Protect the safety of your employees and minimize risk by eliminating trips to the bank
  • Peace of mind with added security of armored carrier of your cash and securely processed deposits
  • Create efficiencies with regular pick up times or schedule pickups as needed

No need to wait for a trip to the bank to get that money in your account.

Deposit checks electronically anytime right from your office. Simply scan checks at your business location and transmit them securely to the bank with a couple of clicks.


  • Gain faster access to accounts receivable funds
  • Enhanced security and fraud protections
  • Improved research capabilities
  • Consolidate deposits from multiple locations

Remote Deposit Capture

Optimize cash flow. Reduce errors. Cut expenses.

Boost your sales and streamline your incoming receipts with our Merchant Services program. Merchant Services are payment processing solutions that allow your business to accept a variety of credit, debit, gift and pre-paid cards as payment.


  • Reduce risk associated with cash and the potential of bad checks
  • Flexible to support multiple platforms and terminal options
  • Cost-effective processing of all major cards with easy, consolidated reports

Enjoy faster access to receivables while eliminating time-consuming tasks.

Choose from partially or fully outsourcing mail handling, sorting, and imaging of incoming payments and coupons. Use your Pacific Premier Business Online Banking or our fully integrated option to view exceptions, images, and reporting. Payments are deposited to your account daily.


  • Single access through our Business Online Banking
  • Tailored remittance processing that conforms to your unique needs
  • Expedited account reconciliation with electronic reporting
  • Reduced workload and time needed to sort mail
  • Reduced float time on check payments
  • Pacific Premier API BankingSM financial software integration

Our Comprehensive Lockbox Solutions

Remote Lockbox

Our Remote Lockbox solution gives you control over mail processing and image scanning, outsourcing data capturing to the Bank.

  • Remote check deposits
  • Simplified pricing model
  • Online image archive portal
  • Same-day reporting

Lockbox Premier

Our enhanced Lockbox Premier solution encompasses all of the Remote Lockbox services, with the ability to fully outsource remittance processing.

  • Bank-managed PO Box
  • Outsourced check/image capture
  • Electronic check conversion
  • Multiple location processing
  • Exception decisioning module