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Reduce fraud risk and gain peace of mind.  

  • Decreased Risk
  • Increased Efficiency

Reap the benefits of automatic detection of fraudulent checks before they’re processed against your accounts. Every check presented for payment from your account is cross-checked with the information from every other check you've originated. If something doesn't match, the item is not paid unless you authorize it.

  • Take the offense against check fraud
  • Eliminate expensive recovery costs
  • Fully automated, frees up your resources

Help to prevent debit fraud and enhance control of electronic payemnts.

ACH Positive Pay is a fraud perevntion service that enables your business to monitor and control your ACH activities to help prevent unauthorized and potentially fraudulent elctronic debit transactions from posting against your accounts.

You establish ACH Filter Authorizations that are used to identify what you want posted to your account. ACH transactions that don't match your filter specifications will be blocked from posting and made available for you to review and make a par or return decision.

  • Reduce risk of potential fraud
  • Control approved payments with your pre-defined debit filters
  • Quick and efficient review for paying or returning entries

Protect yourself and ensure your safety and security in cyberspace.

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