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Wi-Fi Hotspots

Why Play with Fire? Find Safer Networks.

Wi-Fi hotspots have become wildly popular in recent years. And with all the convenience and cost savings they provide, it’s easy to see why. But convenience doesn’t always equate to quality. Or safety. These "hotspots" – and other public Wi-Fi links – have also become popular with cybercriminals and hackers. They love them for their convenience and savings too. Recent security vulnerabilities such as FragAttacks “short for FRagmentation and AGgregation Attacks” allows an attacker that is within radio range of a victim to steal user information or attack devices. These vulnerabilities make it easy to collect your logins, emails, and payment information. And in some instances, they help provide free access to all your money. So why take your chances – when you can find safer, secure networks? If you must use Wi-Fi hotspots, here are some helpful tips and tactics.

Tips + Tactics

  • Never use a Wi-Fi hotspot for shopping or banking transactions
  • Do not assume that a Wi-Fi link is legitimate or secure
  • Do not allow automatic connections to non-preferred networks. Computers, tablets and smartphones can have this setting enabled, please be sure to disable this feature
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to create an encrypted and secure session
  • Before you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, be sure to always turn off file sharing
  • Before you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, make sure to enable a firewall
  • Before you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, disable ad hoc networking
  • Remember that most chat/IM sessions are not secure
  • Be aware of your surroundings when online in public spots (look out for “shoulder surfers” watching your screen)

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