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Malicious Software Fights Dirty

The long-form and official name is “malicious software.” But these days, everybody knows it as malware. Whatever term you use, the reality is very harmful. Malware is simply not nice – nor are the cybercriminals who use it to launch their online attacks. A serious and persistent threat to us all these days, malware is used to steal and/or destroy your data. Ransomware encrypts your data and computer and prevents you from using it; in some cases, cybercriminals will threaten to release your information to the public. So why should you ever begin to let your guard down? Learn how to fight back now.

Tips + Tactics

  • Install anti-virus and anti-malware software on all your computers and mobile devices – and pay close attention to any warnings you might receive
  • Don’t click on unfamiliar links, and don’t visit unsavory or suspicious sites
  • Be very wary of any unsolicited suspicious emails, which are often used to deliver malware attacks (via links and/or attachments)
  • Be very wary of emails that instill fear – such as a “lawsuit, unpaid traffic ticket, unpaid invoice or the shutoff of services” – these emails are also aimed at getting you to click on links and/or attachments which are often used to deliver malware attacks
  • Avoid file-sharing sites
  • Don’t ever click on links in pop-ups
  • Keep your security software, web browser, and operating systems all up-to-date
  • Make sure your firewall is always on
  • Turn all automatic updates on
  • Backup all your data frequently (in case you do suffer from a malware attack)

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