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Avoid Information Highway Hijackings

The internet is a complex and globally interconnected network supplying vast amounts of information. Its great strengths are also its major weaknesses. It's used by just about anyone and everyone you can imagine. There's no real restriction to jumping on and off. Put simply, every device on the internet can be hacked – many with minimal effort. A common tactic of today's cybercriminals is to create "clones" of well-known websites, then use them to capture user information and credentials. They then use this stolen information to access your banking and/or other accounts. Don't crash online. Stay in your lane and drive safe.

Tips + Tactics

  • Keep your computer software up-to-date
  • Keep your cookies and browser cache clear
  • Maintain at least a "medium-high" level of security on your browser settings
  • Look for a "padlock" icon next to a site’s URL in your browser window (indicating a secure/encrypted connection)
  • Always log out after doing any online banking (be sure to end/close each session)
  • Block ads and pop-ups, and never respond to pop-ups requesting information
  • Avoid sites that provide illegal downloads or illegal content (such as file sharing)
  • Never download anything from unknown sources/sites
  • Only use trusted bookmarks for important sites
  • Where available, use two-factor authentication (you'll then receive an email and/or text when there's a login from a new computer)
  • Whenever possible, restrict online banking transactions to a computer that is not used for any other website transactions

Microsoft Internet Explorer Alert

Microsoft Internet Explorer Alert
Effective June 15, 2022, Microsoft no longer supports, nor provides regular security patches for versions 11 and older of the Internet web browser Internet Explorer. This means that any computers running Internet Explorer version 11 or older will become highly vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

If your computer is running Internet Explorer version 11 or older, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of the web browser Microsoft Edge. This will immediately empower you to safeguard the data on your computer against any security threats and viruses that may result from running older web browsers.

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