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Stay Agile. Keep Security Simple.

In today’s fast-moving, ever-evolving day and age, time is always at a premium. In this spirit, we offer you the following quick-hit lists to consult – whenever and wherever you may find yourself in need of a helping hand.

Five Top Online Safety + Security DOs

  1. Use anti-virus software, and be sure to keep it up-to-date
  2. Create strong passwords, and change them every 90 days
  3. Create separate email accounts for work, personal use, and other interests
  4. Set up a primary network at home, and another network for guests
  5. Only use an unsecured, public network when absolutely necessary

Five Top Online Safety + Security DON'Ts

  1. Never click on a link in an email before you validate the source
  2. Never disclose personal information in an email, IM or text message
  3. Never use the same password for multiple accounts
  4. Never divulge sensitive information via social media
  5. Never use an unsecured, public network to conduct business

Five Infected Comptuer Warning Signs

  1. Noticeable change in overall performance
  2. Noticeable change in screen appearance
  3. Random rebooting, restarting, or lockup
  4. Appearance of unusual pop-up messages
  5. Unexpected toolbars or icons on desktop or in browser

Five Helpful Online Security Resources

  1. FTC OnGuard Online
  2. FCC Cybersecurity for Small Business
  3. FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center
  4. Microsoft Secure
  5. Pacific Premier Bank Cybersecurity Center

Let’s Talk® More

We hope you’ve found this informative and helpful. All of us at Pacific Premier Bank remain devoted to safeguarding and ensuring your security while banking with us. We also welcome the opportunity to talk to you about meeting and exceeding any and all business and personal banking needs you may have.

Give us a call at 855.343.4070 and Let's Talk®.

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