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Be aware that scammers may contact you and impersonate a representative from your bank or financial institution. Often times, they know pieces of personal or account information, which can be gleaned from social media, public records, or a data breach that occurred at another organization not related to the bank. The phone call could potentially even look like it’s from your bank, as scammers have spoofing technology to disguise the number on your caller ID. They may claim there is suspicious activity on your account, and will attempt to extract additional information from you. Be aware, and keep the following in mind.

Tips + Tactics

  • Pacific Premier Bank will only send you a code when prompted by an action that you’ve initiated, such as logging in to online banking, executing certain transactions, or when you call us directly. DO NOT share your access code, PIN, or password with anyone who contacts you requesting this information.
  • Never send money to "receive a refund" or "reverse a transfer." Remember, the Bank has your account information.
  • If you receive a code to authorize any amount of money (even $.01) to be transferred or another transaction you didn’t initiate, do not enter the code in the Pacific Premier Bank app or share it with anyone, even if they claim to be from your bank.
  • If you are uncomfortable with a request received by phone call or text that you did not initiate, do not take action and hang up immediately. Contact the company using legitimate sources such as a phone number on their website. If the caller claims to be from Pacific Premier Bank, call 855.343.4070 to verify the request.

Let’s Talk® More

We hope you’ve found this informative and helpful. All of us at Pacific Premier Bank remain devoted to safeguarding and ensuring your security while banking with us. We also welcome the opportunity to talk to you about meeting and exceeding any and all business and personal banking needs you may have.

Give us a call at 855.343.4070 and Let's Talk®.

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