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Online. On Guard. All the Time.

We Never Stop Safeguarding YOU

Life in modern America doesn’t just happen in one dimension. To live, play, and work in our society today, you need an online identity. And just like in the physical world, it’s important to take steps to ensure your safety and security in cyberspace. It’s equally important to partner with businesses and banks that go out of their way to help ensure your protection online.

Cybercrime has increased exponentially in recent years, and several high-profile cyberattacks, cybersecurity breaches, and information hacks have made the news – and raised red flags and serious concerns among American consumers.

At Pacific Premier Bank, we take your online protection, safety, and security extremely seriously. That’s why our website,, supports the strongest encryption hashing algorithm technology available today – SHA256. This online enhancement prevents a cybercriminal from producing fraudulent encryption keys, which can then be used to access your online session via their deceptive tactics.

This is just one of the many ways we demonstrate our relentless and driven dedication to protecting you and your business.

A Powerful Partnership

Let’s Talk® About Cybersecurity

Of course, there’s strength in numbers. And power in partnerships. We wouldn’t exist without you. And you need us to accomplish all your business banking and growth goals. In the same way, we can join together to help ensure your continued cybersecurity. You can help us help you safeguard your online presence.

Our informative, instructional, and helpful guides are devoted to those efforts and steps towards online safety. They identify and illuminate several distinct areas of potential online vulnerability – and provides you with helpful tips on how you can best tighten up and bolt down in these areas. This way, you’ll feel an added sense of security when it comes to your online assets, information, and identity.

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Download Cybersecurity Guides

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