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PPP Update

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was an SBA-backed loan that helped businesses keep their workforce and day-to-day operations functional during the COVID-19 crisis.

Although Pacific Premier did not participate in the last round of PPP loans, we referred additional PPP loan requests to The Loan Source, since they are a long-standing SBA lender.

As your Bank, Pacific Premier will continue to support all of your present and future commercial banking needs, whether you require simple solutions or innovative programs.

For more information with your PPP loan and forgiveness through The Loan Source, click below.


For your PPP loan and forgiveness pertaining to the loan, you will work directly with The Loan Source to provide the required documentation and process your application. We recommend you regularly check the SBA website for updates and guidance on the PPP program. If you prefer a different PPP lender or loan originator, you can work with that lender to support your PPP loan needs.