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Fraud Prevention Assistance

We can help reduce your risk of business account fraud with these convenient layers of additional protection.

Check Positive Pay

Monitor and control check business account transactions to help prevent fraudulent activity. With Check Positive Pay, every check presented for payment from your account is cross-checked for automatic detection of fraudulent checks before they’re processed against your accounts.

ACH Positive Pay

Help prevent fraudulent activity with easy access to monitor and control ACH business account transactions. With ACH Positive Pay, your business can monitor and control your ACH activities to help prevent unauthorized and potentially fraudulent electronic debit transactions from posting against your accounts.

Pacific Premier Voice ID

Using biometrics, we can authenticate your identity when you call our Client Service team to enhance your account security. Similar to a fingerprint, Voice ID uses a person’s unique voiceprint to verify their identity. Once enrolled, Voice ID provides faster verification, enhanced client experience, increased identification security, and real-time fraud detection.

Enrolling in Voice ID is easy. Contact Client Services to get set up today: 855.343.4070

Cybersecurity Center

As your Bank, we take your online protection, safety, and security extremely seriously. Visit our Cybersecurity Center to learn tips and tools to help protect yourself from rising cybercrime. In addition to identifying several distinct areas of potential online vulnerability, we provide the steps you should take to prevent these threats from occurring.