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We celebrate our differences and seek to address racial disparities, gender inequality, and other persistent inequities in wealth, education, and health that exist in our communities. Internally throughout the Company, we believe in a culture of inclusivity. Our diversity and inclusion employment strategy, Premier Inclusion, is designed to address diversity and inclusion from specific target areas:

  • Training and Education
  • Data and Metrics
  • Recruitment
  • Career Development


Women in SVP Roles and Above Women in Management Roles1 Women in Entire Workforce
Minorities in SVP Roles and Above Minorities in Management Roles1

Minorities in Entire Workforce

1Management = Any individual with direct reports.


We seek to improve not only the lives of our employees, but we are also focused externally on addressing the persistent inequities in wealth, education, and health for communities of color and other marginalized populations. To combat these ills, we launched our Equitable Impact Initiative, A MULTI-YEAR $50 MILLION COMMITMENT to key organizations and programs designed to reduce social and economic disparities in underserved communities.

Our $50 million Equitable Impact Initiative is making a tangible difference in the communities we serve.

The SoLA Impact Fund will receive a $30 million investment to support prosperity and racial equity within Black and Brown communities. In addition, the SDS Supportive Housing Fund will receive a $15 million investment to finance approximately 1,800 new units of permanent supportive housing for people currently experiencing homelessness within communities that are predominantly minority. 

Other key partners for this Initiative include Local Initiatives Support Corporation Los Angeles (LISC LA), which received $150,000 toward transforming underserved neighborhoods. In addition, Community Capital Management will receive a $5 million contribution to their Minority CARES initiative, which will enable them to invest in market-rate, investment-grade bonds to increase opportunity for people of color. The California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC) Resilience Fund will also receive a $500,000 grant over two years to help minority-owned small businesses and communities of color disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.