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Pacific Premier has a proven track record of investing capital, time, and talent to help strengthen the communities where we work, do business, and live. Recognizing the importance of our support, we are committed to making business decisions that positively impact our communities. We know that when our communities thrive, it benefits clients, employees, homeowners, and business owners.

We've developed strong partnerships with nonprofit organizations to strengthen the resiliency of our communities by addressing issues fundamental to economic and social mobility in underserved communities. Our focus is on improving the lives of individuals and families by investing in economic growth, financial education, affordable homeownership, and equitable access to health and education.


Economic Growth

We build pathways to economic growth and success by investing in programs to reduce barriers for small businesses and career-seekers in underserved communities.

Our support focuses on solutions that create financially sustainable and resilient diverse small businesses and help disadvantaged individuals secure employment and job advancement opportunities that provide pathways for them to thrive.


Accessity is a certified Community Development Financial Institution that serves those with historically less access to capital and business support so they can build prosperous businesses and livelihoods for themselves and their families, while also strengthening communities.  We are proud to support Accessity and the important work they do, including helping to expand access to services for those who need it most.

JVS BankWork$

We are a proud supporter of JVS SoCal’s award-winning BankWork$® Career Training Program, a free, eight-week, intensive job-training program that prepares low-to-moderate income individuals for a career in finance. Thanks to the program, many graduates have increased opportunities for sustainable employment, increased pay, and career advancement.

GRID Alternative

We partner with GRID Alternatives to provide no-cost Workforce Development Programs for low-income job seekers interested in a career within the solar industry. In addition to job training programs, GRID transforms communities disproportionately affected by environmental injustices and climate change by expanding access to clean, renewable, and sustainable solar energy.



Financial Education

We believe everyone should have equitable access and the tools and opportunity to create their own financial future. Low levels of financial literacy have been associated with a lower standard of living, and decrease psychological and physical well-being.

Our support focuses on programs that provide financially inclusive products and services to help those who have traditionally been underserved by the financial system, and increase financial literacy skills to promote economic mobility through increased savings, improved credit and wealth creation.


Seattle Credit Union is a certified Community Development Financial Institution with a mission to deliver financially inclusive products and services and financial education to help those who have traditionally been underserved by the financial system. We are proud to provide Seattle Credit Union with a grant to support the expansion of their financial services to disinvested communities and residents threatened by displacement.

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We are a longstanding supporter of Templo Calvario Community Development Corporation and their Banking on Our Youth (BOY) program. BOY is a sustainable financial literacy and entrepreneurship program that works with lower income youth through innovative and engaging methods to promote financial responsibility, leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurship to combat the systemic challenges of poverty, equity and economic mobility.


GreenPath Financial Wellness is a trusted national nonprofit with more than 60 years of helping people build financial health and resiliency. Through our partnership, GreenPath provides access to certified financial counselors who offer coaching at no cost to support financial understanding on topics such as debt, budgeting, credit, housing, foreclosure prevention, and student loans.



Affordable Housing and Homeownership

We understand that homeownership is a catalyst to wealth building. Improving affordable homeownership leads to numerous outcomes that extend beyond the house, such as greater economic stability, access to quality education, increased social mobility, better health, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Our support focuses on organizations and programs that address the barriers to affordable homeownership, including housing counseling and foreclosure prevention, for diverse and lower income families and individuals who are disproportionately impacted by socio-economic conditions.


People's Self-Help Housing (PSHH) is the longest-serving nonprofit housing organization on California’s Central Coast with a mission to build affordable housing and create homeownership opportunities for those who need it most. We are proud to partner with PSHH to help individuals move from long-term tenancy to homeownership.


We support multiple NeighborWorks chapters dedicated to strengthening communities by developing and maintaining quality affordable housing, creating and preserving affordable homeownership opportunities, providing financial education and increasing the financial independence of families and people in need.


As an active member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, we have access to their community programs to make funds and resources available to facilitate homeownership in underserved neighborhoods and provide matching grants to working families and individuals who are ready to make the transition from renting to owning a home.



Health and Education

We know that many of our communities’ experience barriers to accessing quality healthcare and education. We also understand that educational attainment is a well-established social determinant of health. That’s why we’re committed to helping address disparities within the health and education system. 

Our support focuses on programs that help close the gap in health and educational outcomes for underserved individuals and communities and provide innovative solutions that improve equitable access for all.

Susan G Komen

Our fundamental belief is that a person’s cultural or demographic background should not dictate the outcome of their well-being. We are proud to be a longstanding partner of Susan G. Komen and invest in innovative solutions to address equitable health in low-income and other vulnerable populations.

Boys and Girls Club

We partner with Boys & Girls Club chapters to ensure that every child is equipped to succeed in school, work and life. This includes ensuring that our communities’ most vulnerable youth are on-track to graduate, prepared for college or the workforce, have adopted a healthy lifestyle and are active agents of positive change in their communities.     

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We recognize the multiple educational and economic disadvantages that young men of color face, which is why we support Bridge Builder Foundation and their Thriving Under the Influence Program. The program provides young men the support, guidance, and resources they need to overcome challenges, develop positive relationships with caring adults, acquire essential life skills, and obtain a higher education.